Why risky play is good for children

Whilst play is about having fun and letting off steam – it is also one of the main ways that children learn and develop into happy, healthy adults! 
With this is in mind, Timberplay Scotland set out to design Little Farmers inspiring play area by incorporating elements of ‘risk’ that can help children to develop their skills to navigate the real world from a young age. 
Find out more about why play is great for your little ones in this blog…

When play becomes learning 

As soon as they can look around and wave their little hands, children begin communicating and experiencing the world through play and from here their bodies and minds begin to grow the flexibility and adaptability that we all need to survive!

Mark Grimshaw from Timberplay Scotland says: 

“All too often, indoor play spaces for young children can be quite sterile places. Everything is designed to minimise risk, but within this they also reduce the amount of enjoyment a child can have, the challenge is limited and so with each visit, the play area delivers less in terms of stimulation. 

“At Timberplay Scotland, all our play equipment is designed with the child and the child’s changing needs firmly in mind. We include multiple levels of challenge so that children can interact with the equipment in a manner that matches their own personal development.  

Without access to age-appropriate risk as they grow, children do not develop their own internal risk assessment

Mark Grimshaw, timberplay scotland

“Timberplay Scotland, alongside our partner Richter Spielgeräte, have studied child development for decades. What we know is that a child is adept at assessing their own capabilities and negotiating the risk accordingly. The danger is, that without access to age-appropriate risk as they grow, children do not develop their own internal risk assessment.  

“It was great to work on the Little Farmers Play Area as John at Craigies was keen to make bold choices, embraced the Timberplay Scotland philosophy and as a result the play area is proving exceptionally popular and driving repeat visits.” 

Introducing children to risk

Kids need to learn to manage risk from an early age, and risky play is an ideal way to get them started! This helps develop their executive function – the part of our brains in charge of decision making. 
For example, deciding whether to jump off a climbing frame or not allows your child to exercise their judgment – the only way for your child to learn how to make good decisions is by practising making decisions – both good and bad! 
The Little Farmers play area is designed to suit a mixed range of ages and abilities, and our play equipment contains elements of risk for all ages! 
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Developing wellbeing through play

Play is also great for boosting the mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. It builds their self-esteem and the resilience they will need to study in school, follow their chosen career path and have healthy relationships. 

All of that running and jumping around will grow your child’s fitness and coordination, whilst playing with other children helps their social skills by listening and sharing experiences so that they will learn to explore their feelings and how to express themselves. 

Whilst a fun day out at Little Farmers might result in the odd bump or graze, it is well worth the hours of enjoyment and the benefits to your little one’s health that will last them a lifetime. 

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