Little Farmers Risk & Play

Play is the means by which children communicate with and experience the world. It is vital to the healthy development of the child, helping their body and brain grow in flexibility and adaptability. It is how we learn about our environment and develop our mechanisms for survival. The impulse to play supports the healthy development and well-being of individuals and their communications.

  • Little Farmers play area has been designed to cater for a mixed range of ages and abilities and contains elements of risk for all ages. Parents should supervise younger children carefully and be comfortable that the risks contained are suitable for the abilities of their children before allowing them to play here.
  • It is important for our children to learn to manage such risks at an early age. We hope you will enjoy the experience and their physical and mental health will be beneficiaries at the expense, maybe, of a few cuts and grazes. Risky play also develops your executive function, the part of your brain in charge of decision-making. Deciding whether to jump off something tests the limits of your judgment. The only way to learn to make good decisions is by practising making decisions.
  • We accept no responsibility for loss, accidents or injury that may occur during the play period. 
  • Only food/drink that is bought on the premises can be grazed on.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • Cancellations – if you wish to cancel your session this needs to be done 48 hours prior and if paid in advance you will be rebooked on to another session. No refunds are available. 

These terms and conditions are for the safety of all people using Little Farmers and we cannot accept any responsibility for an injury caused to anyone using this equipment. Please enjoy your time at Craigie’s Little Farmers.

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