Get to know George at Little Farmers

George Sinclair is one half of the sibling duo that head up the fun and farming at Little Farmers on the family-run Craigies Farm! 

Together with sister Sophie, he makes sure the animals are cared for, the play area is running smoothly and most importantly, everyone is having brilliant fun! 

George has been involved in farming since he was little and knows the farmland like the back of his hand. We had a chat with George to find out a bit more about him, why he loves farming and his favourite thing about Little Farmers… 

How long have you been working on Craigies Farm? 

I began helping my dad on the farm as soon as I was able to walk – mainly on my small green pedal tractor!  

What does a typical day look like for you on the farm? 

Every day is different on the farm for me! But a typical day consists of checking all the animals, usually followed by some tractor work and other general farm duties. 

What’s your favourite thing about farming? 

I am passionate about most things farming and enjoy learning new skills. However, I do really enjoy working with livestock and large machinery. 

And what jobs do you least look forward to!? 

I least look forward to the smelly jobs! Like mucking out the animals and unblocking drains. Necessary but not so nice! 

What has been the best part about opening Little Farmers so far? 

The best part has been seeing families coming along and enjoying themselves – and being educated about farming whilst doing so!   

Have you got any special favourite four-legged friends from the animal barn? 

I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite, but Wendy our gentle giant Clydesdale horse is very friendly, and the kids enjoy seeing such a large animal up close. 

What’s your earliest farming memory? 

My earliest farming memory would be sitting in the combine harvester with dad (John Sinclair) and helping my Grandpa Baird on his pig farm.

What would you say to any young aspiring farmers looking to get into the field (pardon the pun)? 

I would say – in this industry you face lots of different challenges each day, however overcoming these gives the most rewarding sense of achievement. And the skills developed working in the industry will fuel your ability to achieve great things in life. 

So, any young people who have an interest in the industry should jump on any opportunity they come across – they will be hugely rewarded if they put their mind to it! 

Finally – what is your favourite part of the Little Farmers play area? 

It would certainly have to be the animal barn, however, I must admit that I do enjoy a go down the slide once in a while! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know George! If you see him on your visit to Little Farmers don’t forget to say hi – if you’re lucky he might even treat you to a tractor ride! 

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