Step aside Sophie & George – our animals are the real stars of the show!

Oink, baa, moo and cluck your way through our mini animal farm, full of friendly farmyard animals who are always happy to receive a pet or a snack. You can get up close to pygmy goats, pigs, Clydesdale horse, Shetland ponies, chickens and Highland coos at Little Farmers.

From our big friendly giant Clydesdale, Wendy to our cheeky pygmies and Highland Coos Iona and Skye all of our animals are super friendly and love to say hello! 

Check out our Daily Schedule to see feeding and demonstration times.

Lambing time

Mum to be? Please read before entering the lambing shed.

Coming in close contact with sheep during lambing time is a potential risk to you and your unborn child.

Pregnant women should avoid close contact with animals that are giving birth, or have recently given birth. Close contact with lambing sheep can result in infections such as chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, listeria and Q fever being transferred.

Although the risk is small, please take care when entering the lambing shed if you are pregnant or have recently given birth.

Thank you!