Five Fun Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

Get ready to dive into some of our favourite summer crafts and activities that will keep the kids busy over the summer holidays! We’ve got some fantastic creative ideas for screen-free fun and entertainment that even grown-ups will want to take part in. 

So, grab your paintbrushes, gather your materials, and let your imaginations run wild with these exciting summer craft projects from the team at Little Farmers. Plus, we’ll even share a mouthwatering recipe for Craigies freezer jam using freshly picked fruits. Let the creativity begin! 

1. Nature Collage 

Encourage your child’s love for nature by creating a beautiful nature collage from gathered ‘treasure’. Take a wee walk down your local trails or along some of the lovely woodland paths right beside Craigies Farm (maybe after a fun day picking and playing at Little Farmers!), and let your kids collect leaves, flowers, feathers, and other interesting finds to turn into works of wonder.  

When you get home, grab a large sheet of sturdy paper or cardboard and some child-safe glue. Have fun arranging the natural gems you have scavenged into a stunning collage, combining colours, textures, and shapes to create a unique work of art that might even grace the prestigious gallery walls of… the family fridge! 

2. Whip up simple & sweet freezer jam 

Satisfy your taste buds with Craigies’ easy-peasy delicious freezer jam. With fresh strawberries or raspberries picked right from our fields, you can make this super-simple and mouthwatering treat. You can purchase and even pick some of your own fresh fruit and veggies like strawberries and raspberries at Craigies Farm Shop! 


  • 800g Strawberries or Raspberries 
  • ½ kg Pectin Sugar 
  • ½ Bottle of Certo 
  • Juice from ½ lemon 


  • Pick the ripe fruit at Craigies and cut it up. Weigh the fruit until you have the correct amount, then mash it. 
  • Squeeze the lemon and add the Certo to the lemon juice (Lemon juice and Certo help make the jam set). 
  • Add the sugar and stir until it dissolves. 
  • Put the strawberry or raspberry jam mixture into tubs and leave them at room temperature for 24 hours. If you’re planning to use it within the week, pop it in the fridge. Otherwise, freeze it for up to 6 months! 

If this activity sounds too messy for your family’s kitchen, don’t fret! Why not make a mess with us instead at our jam-making classes for kids on Craigies Farm!

3. Suncatchers

Capture the magic of sunlight with DIY sun catchers. Using clear plastic lids or sheets, draw some fun shapes like butterflies, flowers, or animals. Let your little ones unleash their inner Picasso as they paint the shapes using bright, translucent colours.  

Once dry, using thread, ribbon, string or anything else you can find around the house, hang the sun catcher near a window or in your garden, and watch as the sunlight dances through the colourful creations, casting enchanting patterns and spreading joy. 

4. DIY Wind Chimes

Bring the soothing sounds of summer to your backyard with DIY wind chimes! Gather materials such as seashells, colourful beads, old keys, or even recycled bottle caps that might be lying around the home. Let your little ones unleash their creativity by threading these objects onto a sturdy piece of string, ribbon or twine. Hang the wind chime in your garden, and listen to the delightful melodies as the summer breeze gently rustles through. 

5. Rock Painting Fun

Turn ordinary rocks into colourful masterpieces with a fun rock painting activity. Head outside to the garden or local park and collect some smooth stones, then take them indoors for a crafty adventure. Use acrylic paints or markers to decorate the rocks with vibrant patterns, cute animals, or a kind message.  

You could even take inspiration from the wonderful animals at Little Farmers animal shed – Highland coos, goats, bunnies and more!  

Once they’re dry, you can use your painted works of art as paperweights, garden decorations, or upload some photos of your creations to our Facebook channels for all to admire!

With these exciting summer craft projects and the mouthwatering Craigies’ freezer jam recipe, your little ones are in for an unforgettable summer filled with creativity, exploration, and delicious flavours.  

Whether you’re visiting our adventure park or enjoying the Pick & Play offer, Little Farmers is the perfect place to indulge in the bounties of nature. 

So, let your imagination soar, make lasting memories, and have a summer filled with fun and flavour at Little Farmers! Click here to plan your day. See you soon!