Fun pumpkin carving ideas for kids  

With the leaves falling and the temperature dropping, the spookiest season of all is right around the corner! Whether you are tricking or treating this year, no Halloween season is complete without a superbly carved pumpkin .  

As Autumn reaches Craigies Farm, the fields are full of pumpkins ready to be handpicked and turned into Halloween Jack-o-lanterns. Your little witches and warlocks can also enjoy a day of picking AND play at Little Farmers with a pick and play ticket followed by a warm hot cocoa with a pumpkin-shaped shortbread biscuit – all before heading home to decorate the new pumpkin.  

Carve out some quality time for the entire family this Halloween with these fun pumpkin carving ideas that are perfect for kids – with the assistance of a grown-up of course! 

Superhero Pumpkins  

If the spooky season didn’t already have your spidey sense tingling, save the day this Halloween with a superhero pumpkin carving theme. Grab your stencil and etch your favourite hero’s face or symbol into the side of the pumpkin. No superhero is complete without their cape and gadgets! So don’t forget to accessorize with masks, shields, or swords, or even a Batmobile if space allows. From spiderman to Captain America, there is a pumpkin to please all of the little heroes in your life. 

Painted Family Portraits  

Do you think that you have the next Picasso on your hands? Find out by challenging the family to a pumpkin portrait painting competition. Why not turn your pumpkin into a canvas and bring out the paint set? Write everyone’s name on pieces of paper, and have each family member draw names out of a hat to determine who everyone will be painting. The best painting of Mum gets a prize!  

Keen for Green this Halloween!  

It’s alive!!! This Halloween, bring the family pumpkin to life the green way – with plants! Add your plant friends as hair or even as a beard for your pumpkin. Whether you bring plants in from the garden or the garden store, plants are the perfect addition to any pumpkin, and can be re-used and re-potted afterwards to enjoy year round!

Sweet Tooth  

For those who prefer a treat to a trick, decorate your pumpkin the sweet way – with candy! Perhaps use lollies as hair for your pumpkin or fill his or her mouth with as many sweets as you like. You could even turn your sweet pumpkin into a bobbing for apples game, simply carve out the top of your pumpkin, fill with water and apples and go! This pumpkin carving idea will certainly satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooth. 

The Halloween Farmyard  

Go wild this Halloween and turn your at-home pumpkin patch into a farm! Carve your pumpkins into as many farm animals as you can think of. Perhaps a sheep, pony, or even a cow! Don’t forget to use paints or props if that will make your animal come to life even more. You could even make a pumpkin hedgehog, just simply turn the pumpkin on its side and add toothpicks for the quills, don’t forget the googly eyes! This pumpkin carving theme will surely get a growl of approval from your little monsters.