Best things to do with kids in and around Queensferry

Are you looking to have some good old-fashioned family fun? There are so many opportunities for fun days out in and around Queensferry!

From visiting historic estates in the stunning countryside to going to local art and crafts centres in the community, there is a wide variety of activities and something for every little one to enjoy. In this blog, we highlight five fun things you can do with your kids on our doorstep that we think will be fun for the whole family

Visit Hopetoun House

Hopetoun House is a country house in South Queensferry just under 6 miles from Craigies Farm that welcomes young visitors to explore the estate through a range of different indoor and outdoor activities and events.

Hopetoun has children’s trails, bug hunts, and interactive displays at the ranger centre, geocaching, Hopetoun junior rangers, and Hopetoun junior explorers. With such a wide variety of activities, there is something for children of all ages to enjoy.

Craigies Little Farmers

Little Farmers at Craigies Farm is the perfect play haven all year round. Our very own farm-themed adventure park is all about family-friendly fun, food and farming of course!

Come play and explore both indoors and outdoors, meet the sheep, Shetland ponies, guinea pigs and more furry friends in the mini animal farm, take in a farmer’s talk, and enjoy some hearty grub in our family-friendly cafe.

Book in for Little Farmers here!

Honey Pot Creative Cafe

Located in Port Neuk, Queensferry, Honey Pot was founded with the aim to inspire members of the public to be creative and embrace arts and crafts. This is a great stop for families looking for something different to do together.

Offering various art blocks for kids to explore their creative sides, Honey Pot is a place for creative expression, individuality, and most importantly fun!

The Little Bakery Queensferry

On the High Street of South Queensferry sits the Little Bakery. They specialise in beautiful home-baked treats. With an extensive kids’ menu, this bakery will have something for every tiny food critic to enjoy! Your kids will be able to feast their eyes (and tummies) on a scrumptious selection – sit in or take away to enjoy on a stroll along the seafront!

Create your own nature trail

This option is not only budget-friendly, but it is also a really fun opportunity to get creative. Do some research to figure out your starting point and make a list of different wildlife for you and your kids to track down. We even have our very own nature trail to try at Craigies!

Scout out some seals on the seafront – they can often be spotted lounging on buoys and rocky outcrops along the shore. If you’re lucky, whales and dolphins can even be seen in the Firth of Forth, while a variety of seabirds roam the skies and mudflats. Deer are also a common sight in the wooded trails that border the shore. All you need is your list and packed lunch and you’re ready to set off on a fun day out!

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